Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My Journey - The Curl Diaries

Hey guys! It has been such a long time since I have posted on this I actually really bad for neglecting my blog for so long. But as its a new year I'm feeling good, feeling inspired I have decided to kick off my blogging journey again by inviting you guys to take a journey with me to re-discovering 'the curl.'

I have always been very self conscious of my natural hair. Naturally I have incredibly frizzy, curly, unruly hair and have done all my life. People legit used to call me Shirley Temple or Annie because of ginger red/strawberry blonde tight short ringlets that would stick out all over my head. My mum had to soak my hair before she could brush it the curls were that tight and unruly. Growing up and going to school, especially at a time where poker straight, thin, layered hairstyles were in was a trying time. I felt so out of place and I believe this is where my self consciousness about my hair actually came from. I was different, I was frizzy and looked like a cave man. No one particularly made fun or anything like that I just remember wishing I hadn't of been blessed with the frizz ball hair I had and instead wished I had thin, straight hair that would dry nice naturally after a shower without looking like you had been hit by lightening. Because of this (and the release of GHDs) so began the years of hair neglect, damage and straightening my hair to a crisp.

Since I started straightening my hair properly I have ever stopped. 10 plus years anyway of straightening my hair and using heated hair tools on it just kinda has me feeling a bit fed up. Why is it when we want to feel glam or made up we succumb to hair damage and heat to straighten out natural curls to make us feel better. Why cant us curly haired gals just enjoy what we were blessed with and what grows out of our head naturally? I really want to look into this and start thinking more positive about my natural features and that's why I have decided to go on this journey.

My journey (and challenge, old habits die hard) is to start really embracing my natural curls. Utilising beauty products to clamp down on frizz, perfect my curls and see what the outcome is. See if I can tame the mane so to speak so I can start clawing back the hours of time I have wasted on blow drying and straightening my hair on a daily basis. I want to reclaim my life back from the straighteners, I think its going to be a fun albeit eye opening challenge :)

So by all means follow me on my journey! I'm gunna be trying out products for curly hair, learning how to use a diffuser properly (I suck atm) and just start embracing me :) If anyone has any recommendations for products or hair tips please feel free to let me know, actually looking there isn't very much on the internet that I can find for curly hair so any advice is welcomed!

I hope you guys had a lovely new year! Its good to be back.


Monday, 13 February 2017

Do You, Be You, Embrace You.

I wanted to write a blog post today but I wasn't sure what to write it on. This could be a bit more of a ramble but at the moment I feel like I am going through a slight transformation within myself and I guess I just want to touch on the subject of change. A lot has changed in my personal life recently, my job, my relationship and my attitude to life and myself in general. I feel like although change is a very daunting thing, it is something that should be embraced. Having a lot change in your life in quite a small space of time can be intimidating. Your not quite sure what to think or feel and emotions do run high. Excitement with a hint of worry, a touch of self doubt and a scatter of overwhelming emotions are natural, however I do believe that the excitement of new prospects and something different to get yourself involved in is a really positive and life affirming feeling.

Change is something that everyone goes through at some point in their life, whether its a new job, a new relationship or even a break up. All of these situations and more can be an daunting feeling, to let someone in or the prospect of going it alone. It shouldn't change who you are as person, more define the person that you want to be. Lift you up instead of drag you down and be a positive force on your personal goals. You shouldn't change who you are or follow the crowd on what you think you should be doing. What you enjoy and what makes you smile. Just do you, be you, and embrace you and everything else will fall in to place.

I guess I just wanted to write a positive post about something that everyone goes through and I know that everyone copes differently and has their own way of dealing with change in their lives. Is there anything you guys are going through that you can share what you do to keep yourselves grounded or make you feel good about yourself? I find working out an amazing way to focus and feel good about myself. Let me know what you guys think below. A bit of a random post but something I just wanted to put out there I guess. :)