Thursday, 20 November 2014

Go Inner Glow!

Hey guys! So recently I have been trying out some new skincare products which add a little bit more moisture and lustre to my complexion. I had heard all the rave reviews about incorporating a serum into your daily routine so I decided to give it a shot myself and see if the hype was worth it. The two products I want to talk to you guys about are the Boots Time Delay Youth Maintain Luminosity Serum and De-Puffing Eye Roll-On. Now I know these both sound like anti-ageing products which being a 21 year old you might think is a little unnecessary however my personal view on this is that the sooner you start really taking care of your skin properly the better it will age with daily wear and tear and the better it will both look and feel as you grow older. Give your skin the TLC it deserves now and reap the brighting benefits now and better skin later!

The serum is a personal favourite of mine that I apply both in the morning and evening after toning and before using my daily moisturiser and it adds the most beautiful luminosity to your face. If you haven't had much sleep the night before and you wake up looking a little dull like I do most mornings this product totally wakes your skin up and injects an almost inner glow into your complexion. I have also noticed a massive difference in my skin tone since using this product it is so much more even and brighter and my skin also feels even more moisturised which I feel helps to protect my skin even more in the cold winter weather.

The de-puffing eye-roll on is just a lovely product. For me there is nothing better than having cool fresh eyes in the morning and this roll on is such a pleasure to apply. It has a roller ball application that helps gently massages the product into the skin that claims to stimulate circulation and encourage drainage to reduce bags and dark circles. I must say once I have used this product my eyes look so much brighter it is just so super refreshing. It also sits really well under my concealer and doesn't dry up or leave any patches during the day.

These products are a nice introduction into using a serum and eye gel that wouldn't break the bank, add a nice glow to the face and as both of the products are more 'Youth Maintain' than anti ageing I personally think they are the perfect start up products to try that will help keep your skin looking healthy. 

Are there any serums or eye products you guys can recommend? I am still hunting for an affordable eye cream that has an SPF of 15 or above so if any of you know of any good products do not hesitate to let me know in comments below!