Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Remember Remember... November Favourites!

Remember remember the fifth of November! I am SO super excited for tonight! I think this day is one of my absolute favourite times of year, the fireworks, the mulled wine, the bonfires! So I thought what a fitting day for my Wednesday post to be a selection of my November favourites! 

The first product I want to chat to you guys about is my hair saviour recently... the ever amazing Tangle Teaser! I think I am pretty late to join the party with this one, but I came across them in Boots about a month or so ago now and I had heard such amazing things about them I thought I would give them a go and oh my I am in love. My hair has never felt better and it de-tangles so easily. I love the colours of mine too, I think I got the melon one? Its green with pink bristles and I enjoy using it so much I have gotten into the habit of brushing my hair with it every morning and every night before bed. As I am trying to grow my hair again I feel its super important to take extra good care of your hair and having a brush that doesn't tear the hair helps so much in the overall shine, look, feel and general health of your hair. I am definitely a Tangle Teaser convert and would urge any of you that hasn't tried this product to give it a go!

The second product I want to mention today is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ moisturiser. Recently my skin has just not been having a good time. I know that your skin does change as you get older and at the moment I think I can definitely say my skin is changing a lot. I have always had quite an oily T-zone and the usual nose blackheads which to be honest I just got used to, they were there but they were easy to cover up so they never really bothered me. But recently I have been having major issues with really sore both under the skin and pretty prominent blemishes on and around my chin area. (On a side note if any of your can recommend any other products that would help this, or what might be causing them please let me know in the comment section below because I would love to have a proper resolution to this!) In an attempt to try and totally cleanse and clear my skin I was straight onto and purchased 3 core products that I have only been using on my skin apart from my usual day SPF moisturiser and that is a cleanser, micro exfoliator and moisturiser from La Roche Posay. All three products are really good but my favourite by far is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+. After using this product from day one I saw a visible difference, My face felt cleaner, my blemishes had noticeably reduced and weren't as sore and angry as they were the previous evening and as an added bonus the pores on my nose were also looking less clogged and more refined. If there is a miracle moisturiser that I have tried this is most definitely the one. It is a little pricey retailing at around £14 (though I got mine for £10 on a pharmacy deal) I would say it is definitely worth the money and I will be buying again. 

The last two products I am going to mention today are much more timely and festive and they are the Hot Toddy shower gel and the Northern Lights bath bomb from Lush. Firstly, the shower gel is literally Halloween and Bonfire Night and Christmas all wrapped up into one glittery festive bottle. It smells amazing! Having a really spicy and warm scent, a beautiful deep red colour and blended with gold shimmering glitter. If there is one product to get you into the festive spirit, this is the one!. The Northern Lights bath bomb is also gorgeous. I actually used it last night to get me in the mood for the fireworks tonight and if you have me on Instagram (if not I'm over @lifeofjodie if you fancy a follow!) you probably saw the outcome of the starry exploding bomb, it was just beautiful and smelt incredible! Super warming and felt so lovely on the skin. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my November favourites and if there is any products you guys can recommend please don't hesitate to let me know! 


(The Northern Lights Bath Bomb... Ahh-mazing!)