Wednesday, 3 December 2014

NEXT 'Christmas Wish List'

Its beginning to lot like Christmas! And I thought I would pick up the festive countdown to the big 2-5 with a little Christmas wish list to inspire you all with potential gift ideas :)

Focusing on one store all of these gifts are from NEXT. I will leave all the links below to the products mentioned.

So have a scroll and let me know if there is anything here that you guys like :) I hope you enjoy!

1. Set of 5 Stacking Mugs. £16

(I just think these are super cute hug mugs for keeping the cold at bay and they have such lovely little slogans on them, a definite winner for me if I received these in my stocking!) 

2. Set of 3 Bottles. £22

( These would add a little vintage glamour to any dressing table, a really lovely set to add that little extra something)

3. Jewellery Box. £35

(This is a lovely product with lots of potential. Though it is a jewellery box it could probably be used for storing lots of little knick knacks. A lovely decorative feature with a handy purpose.)

4. Navy Floral Pyjamas 

(These I love the coloured of, they look super soft and comfortable and I love the wide leg on the pyjama bottom)

5. Notebook and Pen Set. £12

(A cute gift for any list/note taking lover! I love the design and colour of these)

6. Set of 24 Spice Carousel. £30

(Great for a foodie and keen cooker, this would make the perfect addition to any kitchen!)

7. Pie Making Set, £16

(For any aspiring Bake Off lovers this will make the perfect starter set to their pie making dreams!)

8. Stamp and Tag Set. £8

(A lovely novelty gift, I think these are really cute and would look lovely on any writing desk!)

9. Cashmere Sweater. £75-£80

(The perfect gift to keep a loved one cosy over the festive period and the colours are very much in season!)

10. Pink Perfume Box Clutch, £28

(Keeping this quirky one till last! This clutch bag is just really cool and would add something unique and different to any party outfit over the New Year period!)