Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Truth Laid Bare, Pound by Pound

Hello all, so today I am laying myself bare and would like to talk to you guys about a challenge I am setting myself, and I feel if I write about it and my experiences along the way it will help keep me motivated and help me to stay mentally strong. I have taken it upon myself to try and lose quite a bit of weight. A lot of close friends of mine and people who know me will be more than aware that since the middle of second year at university I began to have issues with my weight. Moving up to Aberdeen and becoming a student in first year was such a fantastic experience but second year was more of a challenge. I had darker days and struggled to stay on top of my health both physically and mentally. In that time my weight has since been slowly creeping up and although I am not ready to fully reveal my actual weight to the internet I can say that my BMI is above average and I am classed as 'overweight' in the eyes of the BMI measurements. On countless occasions I have tried silly fad diets, cutting out carbs, jogging round my local park every day, living on green smoothies twice a day etc but all I seemed to give up after a week or so as I just was too tired and hungry all the time. This time I am taking proper action in the right way. No fad diets or gruelling jogs, just a healthy mix of cardio, weights and balanced healthy eating. I am only on day 2, so this could totally go like the others before; who knows. All I know right now is when I see pictures of me being tagged on Facebook the first thing I do is de-tag. When I try on clothes in shops I have mental break downs in the changing rooms. Im 21 years old, I should be healthy and wearing gorgeous dresses and clothes not covering everything up on summer days and being ashamed of myself. Anyway, I am planning to write weekly posts on my progress and some hints and tips for exercises after I book in with a trainer in a few weeks time. If anyone at all would be interested in these let me know and keep up with my journey. I have a fantastic support for this, my main being my partner who is going along and doing all the same workout/eating plan with me. If he cant motivate me no one can! So wish me luck and if anyone has any healthy eating or exercise tips please don't hesitate to let me know, all advice is more than welcome!


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