Thursday, 29 January 2015

Naked Palettes & Get The Look!

So today I wanted to tell you guys about some favourite new palettes of mine. Now I know I'm probably fairly late on the bandwagon for this, but I'm talking Urban Decay Palettes. After purchasing and falling in love with the Naked Basics 2 Palette (a post on which I have already done and will link below) I received a lot of questions asking how to know what palette to go for if your on a budget and only looking to buy one. My reply to this would be to look at the individual palettes and pair it to the the colours and types of shades you enjoy wearing, matte, shimmer, hues, and colour schemes. The three Naked palettes I have noticed all have different colour themes within them which I have drawn up below.

Naked Palette
The original Naked Palette is incredibly versatile with a variety of coppers and golds, perfect for someone who loves a jazzed up brown smoky eye.

The Naked 2 Palette in my opinion has more khaki colours in it, more green and brown undertones with golds and coppers, a lovely variety for an exotic smoky eye. Unfortunately as I do not own this palette I haven't been able to provide a photo as an example. Its next on my list!

Naked 3 Palette
The Naked 3 Palette is definitely a palette for rose gold lovers, with a variety of purples, pinks and golden shimmer hues.  A definite beauty in my book.

Its hard to say 'Oh you must get this one or that one' because to me it very much is a personal preference, going with the style of the person and the shades that would get used most. I would say the go for the one you are most drawn to and get a feel for one palette before buying them all. The original however, in my opinion is a great one to start with.

I wanted to incorporate a Get the Look into this post, and for this look below I used my Naked 3 Palette.

I applied Dust all over the lid with a large fluffy brush then worked a little dash of Nooner and Blackheart into the out corner of the eye and into the crease. To add a little more sparkle to the middle of the lid I gently packed in a tiny bit of Buzz and Trick to really make the eyes pop. To finish the look I lined my inner lash line with a brown Rimmel eye liner and coated my lashes with some Falsies Mascara.

And this was the finished look! I wore it into town that day for a spot of shopping and lunch.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and will look into maybe investing in a palette or two yourself. They are pricey but the variety of looks you can get from them and the quality, consistency and blend-ability of the shades is just stunning and well worth the money.

Leave a comment and any links to your blogs below as I love reading up on what you have all been up to! :)

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