Thursday, 15 May 2014

Body Shop Products Review!

Last week after payday I went out and bought a few products from The Body Shop, some of which I highlighted in my last post. As usual when I go in to these sort of shops I always end up purchasing so much more than originally planned, and this occasion was no exception! Sticking to my last blog post I did purchase the Raspberry Body Scrub and the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter however I also changed a few of my purchases last minute and also ended up buying their Tea Tree Face Mask and their new Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil.

To start off their Raspberry Body Scrub is so so amazing and one of the best scrubs I have ever used to ease you into the day in the morning. A little treat in a pot, It looks and smells like delicious raspberry jam. I actually cannot tell you how amazing this stuff smells! As a scrub it is amazing, the lady from the body shop advised me to use a small amount on a mitt scrub to really make it last and get a deep clean and that definitely works. My skin feels so smooth and exfoliated after using this scrub and smells so delicious! I love it so much I am looking to next purchase the Raspberry Body Butter just so I can get that yummy Raspberry smell to last that little bit longer.

I had been intrigued with using a butter as a cleanser and make up remover for a long time, reading reviews from a lot of high end brands. When I heard about the Body Shop Cleansing Balm I thought it would be a safe bet to try, not being too much of an expense if It didn't particularly suit me. However I am so glad I tried this product because I don't actually think I could live without it in my skin routine anymore! This cleansing butter is amazing and a thrill to use after a long day working as it makes your skin feel so soft and cared for. There is no other greater pleasure than taking your worn make up off after a long day and rubbing this butter into your skin and massaging into the eye area to get all your mascara off just feels so cleansing and softening and it literally just melts all your make up off your face. Sometimes in the morning I used to wake up with 'panda eyes' after not being able to get all my mascara off the night before but since using this product I haven't had that trouble at all. I couldn't recommend this product enough if Im honest it is just lovely and smells lovely and is all in all a lovely product to use!

The Tea Tree Oil Face Mask was more of an impulse buy than anything else. I had been looking for a good quality face mask to try and help absorb excess oil as during the day I tend to get quite an oily T-zone, especially in the summer months. Originally I was between their Tea Tree Mask and their Clay Mask however I decided to go for the Tea Tree as it is a known antibacterial product and I was nervous the Clay Mask would block my pores more for some reason (I know it probably doesn't but yeah.) Using it twice a week i concentrate on my T-zone but use it all over my face and it honestly makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. I also do see a dramatic difference in the 'shine' that develops under my make up during the day. It such an easy mask to apply the consistency is great, it does the job and it is honestly a pleasure to use.

My other impulse buy of the day was their Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. This was probably my unexpected buy of the day only really considering purchasing it after the lady from the Body Shop was telling me about it. I had never really considered using a serum, never mind a serum-in-oil as i moisturise before bed anyway, but holy lord this stuff is like the elixir of healthy skin. After cleansing i massaged a small amount into my face and around my eye area, (a little goes a long way) then applied my usual night moisturiser. When I woke up in the morning I actually couldn't believe how soft my face was, and weirdly enough my skin felt 'plumper.' The tone and texture of my skin had greatly improved over night and I now religiously use this serum-in-oil every night it is that amazing!

All in all I had a very successful trip to The Body Shop. There isn't one product I was disappointed with and all seem to definitely be investments for the future. Im excited to continue using these products and see more results because of them.

Hope you have all enjoyed and find this helpful for any Body Shop purchase you are thinking of making! Let me know in the comment section below of any other recommendations or experiences you have had with these and other products in their range :)

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