Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fresh Coffee and Reflections

Writing without any particular theme today, I am happy to introduce summer into my life! University is over until September and starting today I have two weeks off  work to kick start my last week as a 20 year old. And what am I doing to celebrate my summer break? I am sitting in the cafe my boyfriend works part time in at 10am organising blog posts and planning day trips up to the North of Scotland. Sipping on fresh coffee in this cute little cafe in Cults, I feel content starting my summer this way. Chilled, calm and making the most of my day.

Its a scary prospect, growing up. The big TWO ONE is fast approaching and though I am looking forward to it, I do have to wonder where time has gone. It only feels like yesterday I was graduating from school, still a little uncertain on life; if I would get to university, if I would move out of my quaint little house in the country to the big city of Aberdeen. And now I have just picked my dissertation year modules for university, working as an Assistant Manager and ultimately are embracing the ever growing years of the 20's. Pretty sure its safe to say that life is getting real. Soon i'l be out in the real world working... with the excuse... 'but I'm a student.' being lost in the past.*gulp*

If there is one part of growing up I feel I have already taken on full force, its the hangovers. Holy lord! Gone are the freshers days of doing a week non stop of alcohol consuming partying. One night on the sauce and I'm knocked for six for at least 2 days. Growing up sucks, its the reason I don't party nearly to the extent as I used to and why I am sitting on the first official day of my summer holiday in a cafe at 10am contemplating my life and growing that one year older. Go figure.

So this is me and my worries and fears, my expectations and my realities. Do any of you guys just freak out sometimes thinking about where time seems to go? Not even twenty one yet and I'm already experiencing nostalgia for 'the good ol'days'. God knows what the next 10-15 years will be like! All I can hope is that they are full of memories that I will look back on fondly, like I can do already sitting here in the wee cafe in Cults.

'too much yum for one photo!'

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