Monday, 16 June 2014

Ikea Home Haul!

Hey guys so I know its been a couple of weeks since my last post I have been so super busy with travelling home to see my family and birthday celebrations. The past 2 weeks have been my holidays from work so I have been up to a variety of different things however one thing I thought I would share with you guys are some of the nifty purchases I made in Ikea the other week. I love Ikea and I cannot actually describe to you guys just how much pillows, throws and candles excite me. For me I feel its the little furnishings that really make a home personalised and cosy and that I think has definitely shined through on a couple of my purchases! So without further ado lets take a look at my Ikea home haul.

The first thing I actually picked up in Ikea was when I was walking through the office showroom section and it was something I had never even considered buying but as soon as I saw it I just knew would come in super handy and it was the BRADA laptop support. This buy is so nifty and I use it all the time. Going into 4th year of uni and a new customer of Netflix I'm pretty sure I will get more than my fair share of use out of this product in the future as well. It allows you to watch films/do some late night typing in bed but gives your laptop a sturdy elevated surface so as to not overheat lying on the duvet. It is also crazy comfortable to use and comes in some super cute designs. Mine is in black and white polka dot and I absolutely love it! For how handy it is too it is affordable retailing at only £8. Ikea, I solute you on this one, this is a 'bed desk' solution I didn't know I needed and now I couldn't live without. 

The next thing I picked up was a 'storage solution' and it was the SKUBB Box with compartments. In my room I have a rather large collection of moisturisers, toiletries and other nick nack products that originally I just had strewn across my vanity desk. This product for me was just such an easy solution for keeping everything looking neat and in the right place and luckily it was also just the right size to slot into one of the shelves under my desk. This buy is just handy, looks neat and does the job and also retailing at £8 is super affordable too. 

Being an absolute sucker for all things d├ęcor its no surprise to you guys that my next couple of purchases were yup, you guessed it, throws and candles! I picked up two throws while I was there and they were the GURLI throws in red and cream. Being at a new lower price of £5.50 each I couldn't resist. They are just so cosy looking and practical and lets be honest you can never have enough throws in a household!

Now onto all things candles! The first thing I picked up in their haven candle section was the GLANSIG tea light holder in dark lilac. For my birthday a week or so ago my dad got me a box of little Yankee Candles which I absolutely love, but I wanted to get a couple of new holders for them as I only had one before and I thought the colour and shape of this one was just so lovely and would look nice sitting beside my bed burning away at night. At £1.25 I really couldn't say no! I also picked up two larger candles which smelt amazing and they were the two TINDRA scented candles, a red and a brown one which I think the red is a berry and the brown a cinnamon one though they aren't actually labelled. They smell really good anyway and burn really well and they were both £3.25 each. 

So as you can probably tell my trip to Ikea was definitely a successful one! I could honestly go in there and buy everything especially in their showroom areas which they always seem to decorate so well and I was so surprised at how cheap everything was too. When I finally have my own house that will be one of the places I go to get good quality yet affordable home furnishings! Below are the links to some of the furnishings mentioned in this post :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, apologies for being so quiet recently but I fully intend to make up for it!  


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