Thursday, 17 July 2014

Foodie Post! Lairhillock Inn and Crynoch Restaurant

Hello everyone! Apologies for not writing in a little while, I have been very busy with various different projects this summer, one of which was updating the look of the blog! I hope you all like its new simplistic yet still girlie theme :)

Today I thought I would write a wee food post about one of my favourite restaurants this summer, Lairhillock Inn and Crynoch Restaurant. Located between Aberdeen and Stonehaven, this lovely little Inn boasts all the traditional features from its 200 year old history as a coach house. Its such a charming little escape from the busy streets of the city, and serves the most amazing food! Whether you are looking for a soup and a sandwich or a more a'la carte menu, this little jewel in country has it all.

Are there any cafes or restaurants in the Aberdeen area any of you guys know of? Let me know in the comment section below :)


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