Sunday, 27 July 2014

Midnight Ramblings

Evening everyone, or morning.. whichever way you look at it! Tonight is just one of those nights where I feel I have been plagued by insomnia, where as usual tomorrow is a morning where I have to be up super early to travel down south at 8am. Ever have those kinda nights? Yeah, not the most ideal but hey ho! I thought I would try a spot of writing to tire me out enough to sleep, so I apologise in advance for the weary eyed ramblings! This post isn't about anything in particular. Just.. stuff really, and questions. Like why does scrolling through Pinterest keep you up for another 4+ hours before you know it and why is there always one more Youtube tutorial you have to watch before bed. Social media is honestly such a fantastic thing but sometimes don't you just think that there is so much of it around you all of the time its actually hard to keep up with it all. You switch off to sleep, curl up under your duvet.. then decide to flick through Instagram and see what's been going on, glance at the clock and before you know it its like 3am?!

This happens to me far too often! I need to learn to switch off properly, I mean look at me I'm sitting typing this at 1am, whit is going on. Counting sleep clearly aint getting me anywhere Mr Sandman. Im needing some full proof sleeping remedies here! But not those weird sleeping tablets.. not feeling them all too much.

So I turn to you.. do any of you guys have any night time tricks to help you unwind? I think I could do with a little helping hand! 

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