Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blog Post Take Over!!

Hello Everyone! A slight change for you all today as Jodie is not writing this blog post and has very kindly offered me an opportunity to talk to you all. Let me first begin by introducing myself. My name is Duncan and I am Jodie’s other half (You may have seen pictures of me in previous posts). We have been dating for a few months and we are the best of friends. I enjoy reading her blog posts just as much as I’m sure all of you do so when she suggested that I write this post I was very excited. At first I had no idea what to write about as we have done so many fun things recently but then, being the smart one in this relationship, Jodie suggested I wrote to tell you all about my project that I have ongoing. So here it goes!

The project originally was just a one man team but now Jodie is on board too as she is contributing massively to the marketing and advertising aspects of the project, most notably setting up the projects twitter account- @EVProjectDB.  The project primarily looks at the possibility and the concept of electric cars being as efficient and practical as today’s petrol running models. People are always full of praise for the electric car (as it is ‘clean’ energy) but then quickly realise that it quite simply is not feasible in the real world as they take hours upon hours to charge only to run out of charge after a few miles of running. Petrol cars take little over two minutes to fill and then can run for hundreds of miles before needing topped up again which is much more practical.

But there must surely be ways of finding a happy medium? Myself and my fellow third year engineers at university are looking into the technology behind all this and trying to sort out a basic solution that can then be developed and evolved in the same way the petrol car has over the years.

But there are much more experienced designers in companies with far larger budgets so why has this not been done before now?  The truth is companies only want profit. The more people spend on fuel and new car parts and new cars, the better for them. But that isn’t us or who we are. Should this project reach the heights we hope it can, users of this technology can make money themselves. Ask yourself how much money you would have in your pocket each month if you didn’t have to pay the ever increasing fuel prices!

So can it be done? The eco-friendly people and people who perhaps work in the renewable energy sector will already know that this is scientifically possible. But people who consider themselves ‘petrol heads’ are more sceptical. That is why the project is testing the technology in the form of a racing car. If it is faster, cheaper than and just as efficient as a petrol car then what would be the reason to stand by the aging gas guzzling models? And this technology can also be implemented into trains, planes, boats and helicopters too. What’s not to like?!

I am always very interested in people’s thoughts and opinions on this highly debatable topic and Jodie and I would love to hear everybody’s opinions! Also if anyone has any questions related to the topic, please do not hesitate to comment below! Thanks guys!

Duncan and JF
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